I love to build things, here are some of the apps I'm hacking on these days.

We make it simple for developers to connect to the Ethereum & Bitcoin blockchains by running an elastic ethereum/bitcoin cloud + offer dedicated nodes. I’m a co-founder of this company.

Developers that use QuickNode never worry about scaling, storage, hard-forks, security or speed. They just focus on writing code and shipping product against our rock-solid multi-chain infrastructure.

You can learn more here:

Here are some apps that I built previously, that I'm particularly proud of.


I coded this up along with my web iOS framework, Safire. It was featured in a NY Times article by the legendary tech journalist John Markoff titled “On the small screen just the salient stuff.” & a few other places like NBC, ABC, etc.

It was eventually acquired by Zillow which is a story in and of itself.


I joined JINXD as a cofounder for about a year and half. I created the bot that automatically finds and pays for your parking tickets. It's still live today at I sold my ownership in the business back to it's original founder.