Angel Investing

I occasionally make angel investments into companies I feel very passionate about or feel like have the right mindset to execute on an idea. I like to invest once there is a product, but that’s not a requirement. 
I put in between $10-50k per investment with most investments closer to $10k. I don’t take a long time to make a decision, usually less than 2 days after speaking to the founding team & I wire money within 48 hours of saying yes.

I am investing in 2 deals in 2021. Here is a list of my previous investments, happy to talk about each if you’d like to learn more. 
Company Round Terms Date
ZenLedger Pre-seed Convertible Note with a $3m cap December 2017
HackerNoon Seed SAFE with a $6.4m cap October 2018
Valiu Seed SAFE with a $15m cap August 2019
Presence Pre-seed SAFE with a $7m cap February 2020
CommandDot Pre-seed SAFE with a $10m cap March 2020
MentalHappy Seed Priced round with a $6m valuation May 2020
Lula Seed SAFE with a $12m cap December 2020
Tenably Pre-seed SAFE with a $1.5m cap December 2020

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